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One of our Ph.D. graduate students, Amrah, conducts an experiment with the transmission system (visible to 6.5 eV). The students in the group designed an attachment to the existing system that enables the measurements to be carried on in a large temperature range of 77 K – 900 K under vacuum. Such a capability enables studies concerning the temperature response of the bandgap and its fine-structure of semiconductors.

The students, researchers, and the DC-RF magnetron sputtering system. Marlayna (left) undergrad, Negar (back) Ph.D. student, and Dr. Dinesh Thapa, a researcher in the group.

The students, researchers, and the DC-RF magnetron sputtering system. Amrah (left) Ph.D student, Dr. Dinesh Thapa (right), and Dr. Jesse Huso, researchers in the group.

The micro Raman and photoluminescence system. It can operate at a spectral range spanning the visible up to the deep UV ~ 5.1 eV. The probing spot size is ~ 1 µm depending on the microscope objective NA and the wavelength of the laser used. Measurements can be done as a function of temperature 77 K – 900 K, and also as a function of pressure up to 9 GPa utilizing the diamond anvil cell. Sitting on top is Dr. P. Bear, a long time researcher and a good friend.

The micro Raman and photoluminescence system, a back view showing the three lasers: The SHG (left) of a laser line at 5.1 eV, the HeCd at 3.8 eV (right), and the Ar ion (top) with multiple emission lines in the visible spectrum.

For annealing studies and post-growth treatments of the samples, the lab is equipped with single zone tube furnaces capable of reaching temperatures up to 1100 C, and a large three zone furnace capable of reaching 1200 C. Additionally, the furnaces are equipped with flow controllers for annealing experiments under different environments such as Nitrogen, Argon and Oxygen.

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Sir C.V. Raman.

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